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Businesses prioritise cloud computing, but face resourcing challenges



The versatility of cloud is proving to be a game changer. Both established and newly formed businesses are turning to cloud solutions for more adaptive, cost effective hosting and to guarantee faster delivery of new projects or products.

"Cloud is a key enabler to achieve business transformation. It allows you to implement online systems and spin up environments very quickly. Traditionally in a data centre it would take weeks or months to connect with service providers to get an environment up and running, something which is virtually instantaneous with cloud." Colin Clive, Head of Transformation and Delivery, ACCA

Many of the IT leaders we surveyed and interviewed whilst researching our IT Projects and Change Report, 2016 suggested that adopting and implementing cloud solutions was one of their foremost priorities for the coming year and that the technology has far reaching implications affecting legacy, systems integration and ultimately user experience.

“We have a strong product, and want it to grow in the UK but to do that we must interact and seamlessly integrate with other third parties. To that end we’re focusing on building our cloud infrastructure to take on more systems and integrate more effectively with other organisations to provide a better service for our customers.” Gareth Williams, Head of Development, Validus

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Cloud computing has moved from being an intriguing concept to a vital part of everyday operations. But it’s popularity has resulted in challenges, most notably in the availability of skilled and experienced professionals able to implement cloud based solutions. Engineers with virtualisation experience and those with a working knowledge of Citrix, VMware or Amazon Web Services are in particularly high demand, leading to wage increases. Some companies have also been forced to establish offshore teams in locations where the skills are more readily available. This however, also has some drawbacks.

"We’ve had openings in the onshore web team which have taken months to fill, offshore roles tend to be easier to recruit for, but we need appropriate seniority here in-house to manage the offshore team. We’re experiencing some difficulty in attracting these types of staff in the UK." Darren Capper, Programme Director, Creditsafe Business Solutions

The shortage of professionals with suitable cloud experience in the UK is a challenge, but can be overcome. Organisations can increase their chances of finding the staff they need by ensuring their requirements are clearly communicated to their HR team. To attract only the most relevant candidates, you must make certain that the job role and requirements are clearly stated on any job adverts. Keep in mind that benefits and flexible working are as important to many professionals as a high salary, so a balanced offering between remuneration and a generous work/life balance can prove very attractive, and will help you secure the best candidates

Our consultants can advise you on any skills short areas and how to overcome the challenge they present. We can also help ensure that your organisation recruits the best professionals in a difficult market by giving you access to an extensive candidate pool and a range of tailored attraction methods.

To find out more, or to discuss your recruitment needs, contact your local consultant.

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