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What are the career opportunities for Chartered Internal Auditors?



The role of internal audit demands an objective view of the business and an independence from other areas to avoid undue influence. Therefore, Internal Auditors often appreciate the opportunity to network with similar professionals in other businesses. Membership of an institute such as the IIA offers invitation to forums and conferences, where members across the globe can share and discuss thoughts and ideas with like-minded professionals.

Benefits of becoming an Internal Auditor:

  • You have unique insight across an entire business. This wealth of knowledge and understanding of the business means that experienced professionals can move around easily into various finance or operational roles, often at regional or group level.
  • It is now a recognised route into major blue chip businesses as many finance directors of today’s FTSE listed companies have worked in internal audit. 
  • There’s particular demand for professionals who are fluent in a second European language, and we’ve seen those people fast track internationally into senior positions in a relatively short time.
  • There is a steady increase in companies bringing their internal audit function in-house, attracting individuals who are keen to create a new internal audit function and present their findings directly to the company’s audit committee.

Internal audit is not limited to sector and allows you to easily transition into another role or into a new market. Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, technology, service, leisure and financial services are just some of the sectors you can work in as an auditor, typically in a FTSE 100, FTSE 250 or Fortune 500 listed business.

Being IIA qualified offers assurance to employers of your capabilities and professional code of conduct. This is particularly useful for employers hiring individuals from outside the UK, where ACA and ACCA are less commonly studied.

If you are looking for support with your employer needs please contact Sally England, Business Director at Hays Audit, Risk & Compliance.

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