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Quick application processes key to hiring finance professionals



You can hear about improving your hiring processes in our latest podcast.

Demand is fierce for professionals in finance with the skills and experience to help your organisation thrive. To undermine the competition it’s not enough to just have a great job advert, the whole candidate journey needs to be considered and optimised so that you keep the best talent engaged from their initial job search right up to their first day in your business and onwards.

A part often overlooked, as identified in our new What Workers Want research, is the initial application process, which can often make or break your chance at finding and engaging the most talented accountancy and finance professionals. We discovered that speed of completion was a deciding factor, with 72%, of finance candidates likely to abandon an online job application if it was taking longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Unfortunately, many employers breach this golden number, with 40% of accountancy and finance employers admitting to having an application process lasting over 15 minutes, thereby reducing their pool of potential applicants to just one out of every three. Can you really afford to take that risk?

The primary complaint about the application process for the majority of applicants is the length of the process, but also the number of requirements. Applicants expect websites and career pages to offer intuitive functionality for greater ease and a more user-friendly experience, and employers must meet expectations if they want to cultivate positive feelings towards their organisation from the candidates with the skill sets they need the most.

How can you improve your applicants’ journey?

1. Try it out yourself

Put yourself in the role of an accountant or finance professional applying through your website. See how long it takes you to successfully submit an application. Use your common sense and ask yourself if it seemed too long or poorly structured. Measure the time taken against applicant’s expectations and remember that crossing the 15 minute line could reduce the volume and quality of your applications.

2. Pin down exactly what information you need

You only have a small window of opportunity to retain the enthusiasm of the applicant, and nothing kills confidence in a potential employer more than a poorly thought out or repetitive application process. Is all the detail you’re asking for necessary? Are there any duplicated or superfluous questions? You don’t need all the information up front, and open ended questions can often be left for the interview rounds. Streamline your process and you’ll keep applicants better engaged for longer.

3. Invest where you need to

Budgets may be tight, but the benefits of hiring the right employee to add value to your business is often worth the greater investment into your career portal. At a minimum, try to make sure you are meeting the basic expectations of your ideal candidate. Consider investing in a digital recruitment campaign to enhance your candidate attraction strategy, and most importantly, ensure your website or portal is mobile optimised.

Your application process is the first true interaction your candidates have with you, it has the potential to colour all further interactions – or stop them from happening entirely. Don’t undermine your ability to compete for the best talent, ensure you take the correct steps to shortening your processes and providing a more engaging and intuitive application.

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