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How to earn more as marketing professionals in 2017

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Marketing is a complex and fast moving industry, requiring early adoption of new technology to keep ahead of the game. If you want to perfect your craft, increase your earning potential and accelerate your career opportunities, you need to be versatile, adaptable and constantly aware of the most highly sought after marketing skills. But, do you know what skills employers are looking for?

  • Core marketing skills

Successful marketers need a firm foundation of broad, transferable skills core to marketing to serve as a foundation for their more specialist skillsets and technical expertise. These skills include copywriting and creativity; strategic thinking, commercial awareness and data interpretation, all of which are important to help marketers better focus their technical talents.

Expand your core skills and you’ll be in a much better position to thrive in roles involving a wide array of marketing skills .You will be better placed to add value to the marketing team and support the growth of the overall business. In fact, our recent ‘Elements of a Marketer: Skills for a Digital World’ report revealed that 83% of marketing employers surveyed stated they would consider hiring a candidate who had relevant core skills, but who lacked specific role experience. It applies whether you are a senior or junior marketing professional – make sure you have a strong foundation of core skills.

  • Technical marketing skills

Technical skills are cultivated with direct experience using specific software suites. They involve things like coding, CRM, SEO and experience establishing marketing automation programmes. The most important thing to know about technical skills is that they can be learned – ‘Elements of a Marketer’ uncovered that 79% of marketing employers surveyed believed technical skills can be taught. The firmer your base of core skills, the easier it will be to learn and correctly apply your technical skills.

With a catalogue of technical skills, and more importantly, the aptitude to learn and take advantage of new trends, you’ll be better positioned to seize the latest opportunities for greater rewards. A marketing professional with strong core skills in commercial awareness, customer focus and campaign/project management could train in CRM systems to become a CRM Manager, earning up to £65,000 in today’s market. Likewise, a creative and strategically aware Marketing Executive could develop their software and data management skills to specialise in digital marketing. Digital Marketing Executives command up to £45,000 in London, while Digital Marketing Directors can earn as much as £150,000.

  • Combined skills

While salaries have been relatively stable over the last 12 months, we have discovered that the greatest salary boosts have been secured by marketers with a good mix of commercial, analytical and data management expertise.

A marketer with a deep knowledge of core marketing skills, who can demonstrate their ability to quickly learn new technical skills and apply them with a focus on ROI will find themselves suitable for a much wider range of roles. By focusing on versatility and commercial awareness, you could potentially command a much greater salary. A successful Marketing Director will have the experience and expertise to properly leverage digital assets, and will be able to command a salary of up to £150,000.

Find out how your salary compares and what you could be earning with the Hays salary checker or alternatively please contact your local consultant to discuss your recruitment needs within this field.

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